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ETH Zurich, Hönggerberg campus

The modern ETH Zurich Hönggerberg campus is located on the outskirts of the city of Zurich. It is a perfect example of the links between science, industry and the general public. That is why it won the European Cultural Award for Science in 2010. 

ETH Zurich
Hönggerberg campus
Stefano-Franscini-Platz 5
8093 Zurich
How to get there. 

ETH Zurich, Zentrum campus

The ETH Zurich Zentrum campus with its historic Main Building not only embodies the university’s traditional roots but is also a lively centre for socialising and study. 

ETH Zurich
Rämistrasse 101
8092 Zürich / Schweiz
How to get there.

Free transport link between campus

The ETH eLink travels between the Zentrum campus and Hönggerberg campus multiple times an hour. This direct shuttle bus allows ETH members to commute between the two campuses without having to switch buses.

More information and schedules here. 


We recommend looking for options near the ETH e-link bus stops at Haldenegg and Unterführung Polyterrasse for easy transport between the venues of the conference.

Zurich recommendations

TRANSPORT To navigate Zurich, check out the official City of Zurich guide and the Zürich City Guide App.

You can reach the conference locations (the Hönggerberg and the Zentrum campus) and move around the city easily with public transport (buses and trams). There is a specialized app, but google maps will work just as well. There are ticket machines in every bus or tram stop.

Please note: There is a free bus that goes from Zentrum and the city centre to Hönggerberg and back every half hour - it is marked with the letter E on Google maps. If that doesn't work for you location-wise, a day-ticket is a convenient option: It costs 8.80 CHF (as much as two single tickets) and gets you anywhere within the city for 24 hours (it does not expire at midnight).

SIGHT SEEING If you have a bit of free time and wish to see some of the most picturesque parts of Zurich, we recommend a walk in the old town, along Niederdorfstrasse or near Schipfe and the Lindenhof. If the weather is nice, a walk from Bellevue, along the lake, and all the way to the Zürichhorn is also worth it.

TOURS The city offers numerous guided tours and sight-seeing opportunities. Should you have time for that, we recommend the Frauenstadt Rundgang Zurich (for women's histories in the city) and ZH Kolonial (for tours dealing with the colonial entanglements of Zurich). For those of you that are staying longer, before or after the conference, and want to see more than just Zurich, Bern and Basel are both an hour away and definitely worth a day-trip.

MUSEUMS There's also plenty of museums in Zurich; here's a few suggestions: For Swiss history, we recommend the Landesmuseum; for early-modern and modern art from Europe, the Kunsthaus; for art and objects from Asia, Africa and Oceania, the Rietberg; for modern design, the Museum für Gestaltung; and finally, for contemporary art, the Lowenbraukunst building with all its different galleries.

BOOKSTORES The city also has two architecture bookstores: Never Stop Reading and Hochparterre. For those of you interested in old books, a stroll along the Buch-Antiquariate of Kirchgasse in the old town is highly recommended. If you are still in town on Saturday, September 16, do consider a morning visit to the flea market of Bürkliplatz, near the lake.