Listening In 


Session online: Introductions

Chair Anne Hultzsch & Sigrid de Jong

Gertrude Jekyll: Gardening Knowledge as a Verb.
Camila Medina Novoa
ETH Zürich

Shan Shili: The Awakening of Chinese Feminist Consciousness (1899-1910).
Lingyu Wu
Tsinghua University

Catherine Ponsonby, 2nd Countess of Shannon: The Lost Voice of a Female Patron
Rebecca Tropp
University of Cambridge

Anne Pépin: Reconstructing the Image of a Goréen Matron’s Entourage
Yannick Etoundi
Brown University

Charlotte Perkins Gilman: The ‘dwelling hotel’ and the Feminist Transformation of Dutch Housing.
Elena Martinez-Millana
TU Delft & Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Iranian Women and Jane Dieulafoy: Writings on Pre-modern Sacred Spaces.
Narciss M.Sohrabi
Paris Nanterre University

The Princesse des Ursins: Female Artistic Agency at the Spanish Court.
Alba Carballeira
Independent Scholar

Wet Nurses: Reframing the History of the Brazilian Modern House.
Ana Gisele Ozaki
University of Virginia

Doña Marcela: The Cacicas of Mexico City
Margarita R. Ochoa
Loyola Marymount University

Mademoiselle Dervieux and Her Interiors: Dance, Dance, Dance
Iris Moon
Metropolitan Museum of Art

Session 1: Fictions

Chair Maarten Delbeke

Lesya Ukrainka and The Garden Palace: Conflicting Representations of Crimean Tatar Architecture.
Masha Hupalo
Sci Arc 

Conversations ‘With’: Women and Space in 19th Century Colonial Bengal.
Tania Sengupta
The Bartlett, UCL

Climate is a Wretch: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and the Science of Catastrophe.
Tatiana Carbonell
ETH Zürich

Session 2: Urbanities 

Chair Sigrid De Jong

Conversing with the City: Spatial Narratives in Ella Hepworth Dixon’s The Story of a Modern Woman.
Cigdem Talu
McGill University

Voices for a Caring Space: Urban Space Appraisals in the Late-19th Century, Santiago de Chile.
Pía Montealegre
Universidad de Chile 

Women in the Public Pleasure Garden: Negotiating Space in Post-Revolutionary Paris, 1795-1814.
Ane Cornelia Pade
University of Cambridge

Session 3: Reforms

Chair Sol Pérez-Martínez

Women’s Protests as God’s Agents: Josephine Butler and the Contagious Diseases Act (1864-69).
Jane Hall
University of Cambridge 

The Caretakers and the Politics of Hospitality: Housing Conversations with Agnes Lagerstedt and Octavia Hill.
Anne Pind
Royal Academy Copenhagen 

Female Reformers. The Impact of the «Schweizerischer Gemeinnützige Frauenverein» on the Urban Codes of Zurich.
Sanna Kattenbeck
ETH Zürich

Session 4: Domesticities

Chair Anne Hultzsch

Architectural Critique over Coffee and Tea: Reflecting on Female Architectural Agency in the 1800s.
Laura Hindelang
University of Bern 

Luxurious Mansions, Spirited Dwellers: Bahariye Coast at the Golden Horn as a Suburban Retreat for Late-Ottoman Sultanas.
Alper Metin
University of Bologna 

The Meaning of Architecture: Victoria Welby’s Approach
Michael Gnehm
USI Mendrisio & ETH Zürich

Session 5: Enclosures

Chair Cara Rachele

Saint-Denis through the Eyes of Félicie d’Ayzac: A Female Cicerone.
Émilie Oléron Evans
Queen Mary University of London 

Noble Indian Nun: Struggle for Identity Politics inside Mexico’s Convents in the 18th Century
Lola Lozano Lara 
Forms of Living

Session 6: Letters

Chair Matthew Critchley

Pervasive Empire, or: Domestic Bliss and Vanity Fair. Charlotte Brontë’s Letters on the Great Exhibition.
Leo Herrmann
University of Stuttgart

Listening to Nora the Auditor; Speaking Back to Soane the Lecturer.
Sophie Read
The Bartlett, University College London

‘When Will You Give Me Freedom?’ Wives, Widows and Young Girls as Empowered Commissioners in France during the Second Half of the 19th Century.
Oliver Prisset
Université de Tours

Session 7: Travelogues

Chair Nikos Magouliotis

In Conversation with Late-Ottoman Women Travellers on ‘the Mirage of the West, to Which All Orientals Are Attracted!’
Semra Horuz
Max Plank Institute for Art History 

Inspirations by and Thoughts on Real and Imaginary Places: Princess Maria Leopoldina Grassalkovich’s Reflections on Her Travels and Readings.
Kristof Fatsar
Manchester School of Architecture 

‘Lady Grey’s Picturesque Eye Will Discover Many Particulars Worthy of Your Travelling Pocket-Book’: Women’s Travel Accounts and Engagement with Garden Design in the 18th Century.
Jemima Hubberstay 
University of Oxford